Testimonial: Royal Marine Sergeant

“I had Company of Makers suggested to me when I asked former Royal Marines, ‘What do you do with your uniforms once you’ve left?’ Replies came flooding in with the usual military banter… ‘Put them on and re-live your glory days’, ‘Dress your missus up and beast her like a recruit’. All it took to grab my attention was a photo of a RM cushion on CoM’s website and a short suggestion, ‘Have a cushion made.’ I instantly fell in love with the idea and just had to have one. So many comments followed saying it was a Hoofin’ idea!

The overall outcome is absolutely magnificent. I couldn’t be more pleased, it’s so well made. I find myself having to show it off to my mates all the time and so many former Servicemen and women have told me ‘That’s a great idea’ and they will have to have one made. I truly love it and mentioned to my wife the other day, ‘If our house was on fire it’s the first thing I’d make sure I get out.’ Thank you for the memories it brings out as I look at it each day and thank you for the time and effort you have put into it.”

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