“The first time I ever drove in Sarajevo”

Amanda Darge

Dits and Pics

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I was a Writer so I was a clerk. I’ve done the pay for Andrew and Timothy Lawrence when I was in Nelson pay office. I’ve done two tours of Bosnia. I’ve worked in Intelligence. I’ve worked in Communications, my second tour was Communications, I’ve done all sorts.

The first time I ever drove a left-hand drive vehicle, was the first time I ever drove in Sarajevo…and I had to go and collect an American General from the airport. Well, left-hand drive. City I’d never been in. Airport. What could go wrong? 

I was at traffic lights turning right, so I was on the inside lane following the road and the traffic lights changed and I drove off. Unfortunately, I hadn’t realised that the wide pavement next to me was the tram tracks. So there was a raised bit and then the tram tracks and my car got hit by a tram…and this is dead of winter. And I’m now lying on the floor with a Croatian policeman with a weapon over me and I had to wait to get rescued by, it turned out, it was an RAF Military Policeman, a white cap and he came and collected me. But I never got into trouble for writing the car off.