Making our Sailor Cushions

Sailor Cushions Our sailor cushions draw inspiration from the Royal Navy’s classic sailor collar. The design’s clean lines and striking combination of navy blue and bright white produces a crisp finish, evoking the timeless image of sailors and the high…

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The Sewing Soldier visits the Company of Makers

In an exclusive interview for Company of Makers, Great British Sewing Bee’s Lieutenant Colonel Neil Stace talks about the myth that sewing is a female pastime and the many benefits of sewing for mental health and wellbeing. What are the…

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Sewing club supports Navy’s welfare flats

When Company of Makers was called to action last autumn, we stood to attention, sewing machines at the ready. OK, enough military lingo.  The Royal Navy’s new ‘Navy Mews’ family flats were due for their first guests before Xmas and needed…

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