Testimonial: RAF Brevet Cushion

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had a fascination with military history. Not so much about battles fought, but about the men and women from Great Britain and the Commonwealth who fought those battles.

I wish I’d taken the plunge and joined-up, but a very protective mum, who treated me like Private Pike out of Dad’s Army, was adamant that I was going to college to get a ‘proper job’, whatever that meant. However, if I couldn’t Serve, the next best thing was to become a military researcher and collector. Over the years, I’ve built a collection of WWI and WWII pilots’ brevets (badges) and I wanted them to be seen and appreciated for what they represent, duty, courage, dedication and sacrifice. 

That’s where Company of Makers came to the rescue. Using a vintage RAF jacket, Rachel and Steve produced an amazing cushion for me, which truly show cases the brevets in all their glory. 

It’s fascinating how many people now come to my house, with previously very little interest in anything military, and comment on the cushion, asking me questions about the brevets and where is each one is from. The oldest is the Royal Flying Corps pilot’s wings from WWI; and I love the Air Transport Auxiliary, as it represents 100’s of female pilots who helped ferry aircraft of all types around Britain during WWII. I also like the dominion wings representing countries such as South Africa and New Zealand who helped us win the war.

A big thank you to everyone at Company of Makers who made this possible and have allowed me to keep alive the memory of these brave airmen and women.”

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