What we learnt at Pallet School in 2015

This is what we learnt, in no particular order, at Pallet School this year:

1. Make sure all tools are calibrated correctly (Manufacturers quality control leaves a lot to be desired).
2. Don’t buy cheap tools (That weren’t actually that cheap).
3. Decide what you’re going to make before dismantling your pallets.
4. Never, ever assume pallet wood is straight.
5. Thoroughly check pallet wood for nails.
6. Thoroughly check pallet wood for knots.
7. There isn’t as much useable wood in a pallet as you might think.
8. Make sure the wood is thoroughly dry before using.
9. No two pieces of pallet wood are the same.
10. Processing pallets makes loads of mess.

We’re sure there’ll be plenty more to learn in 2016.

Happy New Year!