Nigel Turner – HMS Invincible

Nigel Turner, HMS Invincible

I was on HMS Invincible for 2 years from the 16th of July 1984 and promoted to PO Cook on the 15th of August 1985.

I served in the Main Galley but spent over a year in the Bakery with a staff of two other cooks. I had put forward a idea to upgrade the ‘high tea” from just bread and jam to cakes, pastries and yeast goods three times a week which was approved. Also, I initiated a selection of hand crafted artisan breads for all messes to give variety and choice.. This entailed long hours to achieve but great satisfaction in delivering and the knowledge and training passed on to the junior cooks.

On the 12th of September 1985, I was awarded by Captain Layman, The Brian Marsden Memorial Trophy for the hard work and raising the morale of the whole ship. A very proud moment and honour.

Nigel Turner

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