Philip Bamfield – HMS Repulse

HMS Repulse (Photo Courtesy: NMRN) There were many amusing stories that came out of this of course. One famous story of a foreplanesmen bringing the boat too shallow, when asked by the Captain why he was so much off depth,…

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Nigel Turner – HMS Fife

Nigel Turner, HMS Fife Picture taken onboard HMS Fife, a D20 County Class Destroyer. I joined on the 4th of March 1972 and stayed on her for just over 18 months. This was my first seagoing draft since joining the…

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Nigel Turner – HMS Beagle

Nigel Turner, HMS Beagle I joined HMS Beagle (straight after leaving HMS Fife) joining 15th October 1973 at Chatham and served on her for 14 months. I was one of two chefs on board and soon realised that on a…

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Nigel Turner – Falklands War

Nigel Turner, Falklands War Much about the Falklands War is already documented. At the end of the hostilities I put an idea to the Captain about making a celebratory cake and presenting it to the Islanders. The cake was made…

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Paul Vassay – HMS Alliance

Paul Vassay, HMS Alliance The first story on Alliance was January 1968, whilst heading back to Gosport from exercises in the channel, we were racing Ambush back to base. We had a racing trim on, stern lower in the water…

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