Workshops at Fort Cumberland and on Zoom

Company of Makers exists to support Veterans and their families struggling to transition to civilian life, no matter how long ago they left the Armed Forces.

We’re based at Fort Cumberland, an 18th century fort built to guard the entrance to Langstone Harbour in Portsmouth, now a Scheduled Monument administered by Historic England.

As well as providing wellbeing support, we run practical workshops where people make things.

Seven years down the line, demand for our workshops gets higher all the time. Never-the-less, we keep our groups small because you tell us that you love the individual attention and guidance.

Over the years, we’ve developed a wide range of activities driven by what you tell us you want to do; from drawing to photography, art to sewing, podcasting to woodwork.

Military people adapt and overcome!

We often hear at the start, ‘I haven’t got a creative bone in my body’ … ‘I’m no good with my hands’ … yet everyone ends up surprising themselves and is chuffed with what they make and take home to keep.

In today’s Covid-world, you’ll need to bring your own tea, we’ll still lay on the banter.

Men and women of action, join us, this is for you!

Forthcoming Workshops