Introducing the Company of Makers

Company of Makers exists to support Veterans who are struggling on civvy street no matter how long ago they left the Armed Forces.

We design and make products inspired by the British military’s influence on pop culture.

Think of Sergeant Peppers or the MOD’s and the RAF roundel, then you’ll be in the right ball park. From trench coats to duffle coats, khaki to navy blue, sailor collars to camouflage fabric. Military chic is everywhere, as influential as ever and as cool as ever.

The purpose behind all this creativity is to help fund making workshops for ex-Service personnel and their families who are struggling with life on civvy street.

Our Work

Our making workshops help with the adjustment to civvy street, teach new skills, build confidence and assist those entering the world of work. Our participants have gone on to find work, start a new business or commence further training.

If you’d like to find out more or join the Company of Makers get in touch here.

Dits and Pics

We’re collecting your stories and photos from your time in the armed forces to create an online gallery to share stories and memories

So if you have a dit and a photo from your time in the armed forces, please get in touch and we’ll add them to our digital exhibition.

Our Funders

Our funders provide invaluable advice and financial support that enables us to support military communities in Portsmouth, South East Hampshire and beyond.

Our Commissions

Our commissioned products are all lovingly made from military uniforms by our team of talented makers in our Hotwalls Studio in Old Portsmouth.

So, if you have some uniform hiding in a wardrobe, or in the loft, why not let us give it a new lease life?