About The Company of Makers

We design and make products inspired by the British military's influence on pop culture - Think of Sergeant Peppers or the MOD's and the RAF roundel, then you'll be in the right ball park. From trench coats to duffle coats, khaki to navy blue, sailor collars to camouflage fabric.

Our Hotwalls studio is in the heart of Old Portsmouth and is part of the city’s historic military fortifications. This unique heritage location based in the home of the Royal Navy is the perfect inspiration for our military inspired creations.

The purpose behind all this creativity is to help fund making workshops for ex-Service personnel and their families who are struggling with life on civvy street.

Funds raised through your purchase, contribute to workshops for those members of the Armed Forces community that have struggled with the transition to civilian life.

Our making workshops help with the adjustment to civvy street, teach new skills, build confidence and assist those entering the world of work. Our participants have gone on to find work, start a new business or commence further training.

If you'd like to find out more or join the Company of Makers feel free to get in touch.

Our Story

A Little About Us

The inspiration behind the Company of Makers is a passion for the UK's military heritage and it's impact upon pop culture.

Our co-founders met in Manchester when Rachel, our head of all things creative, was receiving her first award from UnLtd the foundation for social entrepreneurs. Steve was also there delivering a talk this cohort of award winners about using digital technologies to effect social change.

They stayed in touch on Twitter (of course) - A few months later they submitted a bid to the Armed Forces Community Covenant Fund. The bid was successful and the Company of Makers was born.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Our Skills

We thought we'd add this bit just for fun.

It's based on our new found knowledge of military banter and slang.

  • Obeying orders 50%

  • Cleaning the heads 1%

  • Brewing up 95%

  • Dhobi 50%


Digital technologies play a key role in nuturing a greater understanding between military and non-military communities. To this end, the Company of Makers make extensive use of digital media and social technologies.

Or in other words, you'll find us on practically every major platform using podcasts, photos and videos!

Our Funders

Our funders provide invaluable advice and financial support that enables us to support military communities in Portsmouth, South East Hampshire and beyond.